March 15, 2018 – It is with deep sadness that we convey the passing of Richard Bellak,  January 24, 2018.  Until further notice all CD and score items for sale through the website will be temporarily suspended.  His obituary can be read here

Welcome to the website of composer Richard Bellak featuring his latest composition – CONCERTO FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA (completed February 2015) 

Richard Bellak studied music theory and composition at the University of Pennsylvania with composers Andre Vauclain, George Rochberg, George Crumb and Richard Wernick. His further graduate work at Princeton University for the Master of Fine Arts degree was with composers Milton Babbitt and Earl Kim. He completed his studies in theory and composition on the Ph.D. level at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Andre Vauclain. He also studied piano with Jerome Lowenthal as well as conducting with Milan Horvat and Henry C. Smith.

As Chairman of the Music Department at Franconia College and founding Music Director of the White Mountains Festival, Richard Bellak conducted the first U.S. performances of Bruckner’s “Nullte” symphony and Schumann’s Manfred (complete).


Richard Bellak’s compositions include the following:

     Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

     Twelve Preludes and Fugues for Piano

     Fungi from Yuggoth – Five Songs to poems of H.P. Lovecraft

     Fantasy for Brass and Organ

     Three Parables of Franz Kafka

     Two settings of a poem by A.E. Houseman

     Toccata, Adagio, and Fugue for string quintet